Serpentine Gallery Trust x Google Arts and Culture

The Deep Listener.png

We collaborated with artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen to create The Deep Listener, an audio-visual ecological trail through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, the area surrounding the Serpentine Galleries.

The Deep Listener is the inaugural Serpentine Augmented Architecture commission and explores themes of extinction, preservation and the emergence of new ecological realities.

Designed as an augmented reality and spatial audio app for mobile devices, it is both a site specific public artwork and a digital archive of species that live within the park. The Deep Listener invites you to be guided on a journey to both see and hear the sights and sounds of five of London’s species: London Plane Trees, Bats, Parakeets, Azure Blue Damselflies and Reedbeds.

Interaction with the virtual species of the park slows or accelerates time to reveal layers of sound that would be invisible without technology.

Learn more and download the app here.