Red Bull Arts NY


Cloud of Petals is a set of six unique virtual environments comprised of interactive particle systems and spatial audio that accompanies artist Sarah Meyohas' film of the same name.

Room-scale virtual reality harnesses user movement to turn the particle systems to interactive instruments, exploring new techniques for audio composition. Each participant’s focus directs the flow of the experience, inverting the dynamic of creator and audience and providing a unique, unrepeatable experience.

The rose petal particle systems consist of thousands of digitized rose petals derived from Meyohas' performance at the former Bell Labs, where 16 men picked and photographed 100,000 petals. The photographed images were then used as inputs for a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), which learned to generate new, unique petals forever. This neural network generation process is represented by a room-scale, virtual kaleidoscope controlled by user movement.

Cloud of Petals opened as a three-month, two-floor installation at Red Bull Arts New York with subsequent exhibitions at Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center in Portland, OR and Red Bull Arts Detroit.