Oculus x Tribeca Film


Home With America is a virtual reality documentary that follows Gladys and America, a mother and daughter separated at the US border due to migration status. America is ill, and Gladys cannot return to her hometown to visit her mother.

In partnership with Oculus and the Tribeca Film Institute, non-profit Family Reunions Project traveled to Lima, Peru, and used photogrammetry to capture and recreate Gladys’ childhood home in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality is by no means a solution. Rather, this documentary uses virtual reality to explore the sense of helplessness and loss experienced by migrant families when Gladys ‘revisits’ the virtual recreation of her childhood home and her dying mother.

We consulted Family Reunions Project and director Alvaro Morales on the best design to showcase interactive audio, composed and recorded an original soundtrack using spatial sound, and developed the virtual reality experience.

Home with America debuted at the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival.